World of Esaene (ENWorld)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Silverford is a large town and smack in the middle of Weir Valley, straddling the Silver River along the Shield Road from Silvergate in the east to Shadow Gap in the west. It has a population just shy of 5000 and is the major trading center for goods traveling back and forth between Rone and Amara.

Technically it is ruled by Baron Callis Taljira, an Amaran noble who leaves most of the actual ruling to the elected city council. The council is currently led by Crispin Aldrich, a retired veteran of the now defunct Sixth Legion. Also on the council are Dugan Baxter, the head of the Merchant’s Guild, Edward Brigham the well known smith, weapon maker, and armorer, and Emmett Fletcher, cousin of the wealthy and powerful farmer William Fletcher and prominent land owner in the city. Also on the council, but not elected, is the town constable, Harrison Gage, another former soldier who served with Councilman Aldrich in the Sixth Legion.

For travelers, there are three main Inns – The Lord’s Inn, the Eastgate Inn, and the Silver Fork. The Silver Fork is by all accounts the nicest and most expensive. There are many taverns throughout the city, some linked to gambling houses and other dens of ill repute.

Weir Valley

The Weir Valley lies between two major political foes – the Holy Amaran Empire to the east and the Kingdom (or Kingdoms, depending on whom you ask) of Rone to the west. Technically a province of Amara, it is the crossroads of any travel between the two lands as it is the only pass in the towering Greer mountains.

Twenty years ago, the lowlands of Rone were firmly in the control of Emperor Augustus IV of Amara when a rebellion cost the Empire many of its best legions. Abram Kiros, the High King of Rone, led the rebellion and crushed the retreating Imperial Legions in sight of Shadow Gap, the western pass leading into the vale. No Imperial Army has marched past the fortress at Shadow Gap since that fateful day.

The defeat impacted the Empire in many ways. The path to the Shattered Sea was now cut off, isolating provincial troops throughout the region. The provincial governments fell one by one and the Free Cities were formed as a result. The Empire had never been defeated on the field before that point, causing many to question the leadership of Emperor Augustus and whether or not he had been abandoned by God. The financial impact was devastating, sending the Empire into a depression they are just now recovering from.

Besides the Fortress at Shadow Gap and the matching one, Silvergate, at the eastern pass, there is only one settlement of note within the valley. Silverford, the largest town and capital of the valley, sits astride the Silver River in the middle of the valley. The river itself flows north, from Darkwood Falls at the south end of the valley to the Crack at the north, where the river becomes wild and erratic in dangerous rapids as it twists through a canyon down towards the coast of Rone.

Other than Silverford, there are two smaller fords across the river. Ramford in the north valley gets its name from the primary purpose of the route – moving herds of the well known and expensive Weiran Blacks, sheep from which the valley gets much of its income. In the south is Applecross, a ford in the rich and fertile orchards. Both fords have small villages at the banks to take advantage of the traffic.

There are also smaller settlements throughout the valley, although none more than a few hundred people. Richland is the land of William Fletcher, the wealthiest man in Weir Valley. His farmlands and orchards provide him with his ample wealth. Sawyer’s Mill is a forestry town on the edge of Northwood Forest. Cameron Hill is the westernmost settlement in the valley and has a larger than average Ronish population. Darkwood Falls is near the forest and waterfall it is named for in the south. Finally, Harlot is a little mining town in the northeast that works the last major silver mine in the valley.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Play by Post

I'm starting a play-by-post game with several people soon to go through some setting and rules stuff. I plan on keeping it updated here as we progress.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've figured out a simple system for snapback, something Brant has always liked about the magic. I won't go into too many details now (tweaking), but I like it a lot and it should add some flavor to the magic. It's very simple.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back home

I'm back from Origins. Much fun was had by all and I got a lot of work done on Esaene. I'll need to collect my thoughts a bit before posting any of it, but things are looking up.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I'm here in Columbus for Origins. I'll be at the BayonetGames booth - we're sharing it with Lock & Load.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Brant and I will be at Origins this year, although I don't think we have anything specifically to show. We will spend the time getting some of this game stuff sorted out. Having several days to only work on this will help a lot.