World of Esaene (ENWorld)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amara and Rone

Here is a little preview of the area of Amara and Rone, both lands in the New World.

The shining beacon of civilization in the New World, Amara was founded by a joint expedition of Boyden Cartel and several influential Villus noble families. Following several scouting expeditions, the main force made landfall at the mouth of the mighty Storn river, where the city of Amara now sits. The expeditionary force quickly conquered the local peoples and spread along the Storn planes. The fierce warlike people of Galedon have remained unconquered by the Amarans to this date. Rone had fought with Amara for close to a century before a delicate peace was established. The region continues to be difficult on the governors and threatens to reopen hostilities at any time.

A fairly new province of the powerful Amaran Empire, Rone is divided into four geographic regions, two in the lowlands and two in the highlands. Rhoswen is the easternmost duchy of Rone, the lowlands on the Shattered Sea directly west of the Rose Pass – the gateway into Rone. It is the most accommodating duchy with respect to Amara. It is also the richest. Kell is the northernmost Duchy, just west of Rhoswen, and is the historical capital of Rone. A heavily forested area with rich soil and resources, the other regions of Rone look to the ancestral families of Kell for guidance. Greer covers the eastern highlands, south of Rhoswen.

The Highlands are much more difficult for the regional governors to control, however. Although Greer is technically part of Rone and is technically under Amaran control, you will find no garrison or governor in the heart of this land. The land is very self sufficient and independent, but not violently so. Breen, on the other hand, has been very troublesome for Amara. Located in the remote Western highlands and separated from Kell by an inlet, Breen is the heart of anti-Amaran sentiment. After multiple assassinations, no Amaran diplomat will take the position of governor anymore. The last governor, a cocky general named Carnissus, thought he could control the region with brute force and managed to be kidnapped and sacrificed in some fearsome rite. The acting governor of Breen resides in Rhoswen.


It's been a while since I have updated this and I've been working feverishly to get most of this done before MACE in November. Several portions of the game have passed the Alpha stage and are on hold, preparing for Beta. I am brushing up some of the other sections and writing as much as I can before then.

I'll be updating this site regularly as I add more and more content.